Plaisir de France "Revisite 1"

The Parisian Superhero: PLAISIR DE FRANCE
A night spent hitting up clubs in the city where the party never stops. A trail blazed from the 3rd arrondissement, through the Left Bank and Avenue Marceau. Our modern day hero and brooding dandy, Plaisir De France, flits from roof to roof. The sun is gently rising over the Place de la Concorde. The truth is close at hand.
He watches over the city with a concerned elegance: observing it, listening to it, protecting it. The sweetest of melodies is the only way to describe his love for Paris. In his search for musical truth, the past is where the latter lies. Could it not be in the future? Or perhaps both?
After being hot on the trail of various super villains, scuffling on the way, he’s finally closing in on something….
Cuban cigar in one hand, fine whisky in the other, a certain Dutronc is resting by the bar in the drugstore. He interrupts his croissant and morning paper to offer our hero some advice. Look back at the old Yéyé legends to find the culprit. His advice extended to finding a certain Juliette who could tip him off about a certain Yves Simon.
Plaisir de France watches over Paris by night, prepared to face whatever perils come his way in pursuit of this famous track.
The ultimate weapon for fighting evil is there, right in front of his eyes, waiting to be discovered. Smash hits of yesteryear blended with present day electro to form a sharp mixture that, like Kryptonite for a well-known colleague, he can never get too close to.
Will Plaisir de France successfully overcome this obstacle?
Can he save Paris from musical darkness?
To be continued…….


"Le Responsable Revisite"
Some lyrics for now, a re-electrified dutronc
A nervous dancefloor!

"Juliette Revisite"
Dreams and poetry to the max for your dancing pleasure..........

DJs feedback

Francesco Farfa " LOVE THE MIXES!!! THANK YOU! "
jerry bouthier " love it, love it! great rockin' re-rub, reviewing for my page in Tilllate mag thank you "
Matt Fitzpatrick " The Juliette Revisite track is wicked "
Neil Brown " Yeah, nice enough to find a slot in my mixes. Good to hear that the European connection still has some good values to hold. "
greg " A very good idea. I love it!! Playlisted in the next planet electro. "