Julien Plaisir de France "Come into the schaƤtroom"

Julien "Plaisir de France" comes back with a new 12" on Pro-Zak Trax: "come into the schaätroom". With his personnal "Plaisir de France" project Julien takes us into a deep mellowdramatic tour. Based on a easy old school bass with some fresh and poppy voices samples we can still feel the warm power of the sweetlight.


"Time to Time" Julien Plaisir de.. Original Mix
"Time to Time" Julien Plaisir de.. Revisite
"Time to Time" Mr Claude Revisite

DJs feedback

M.A.N.D.Y. " Nice catchy melody and voice "
Tom Novy " Have to try this!!! "
Graham Gold " Like Juliens revisited version "
Enrico Delaiti " One word only: HUGE! "
Audio Sushi (Razzmatazz, Barcelona) " all the remixes are on point and so well chosen its hard to imagine 4 better remixes in one place. S.O. seems to be emerging as a world wide superstar and this package will take it miles further. brilliant. "
Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica FM) " wow, mad track, starts off all sweetness and ends up quite fierce, nice use of the vocal, works for me "
Tim Richards (George FM) " this is one of those tunes that stay in the cd wallet for a good period of time! "
Roby Mannarini (DFR Radio, Stream-FM, Subway Hot Chart, Italy) " Fantastik !!!!Voice, Groove, Vibe ...Subway Hot Chart Approved "
NvG (Ministry Of Sound Radio In Germany) " I love this track!..melodical..mystical song...well done...gonna play it! Thanks "
Michael Stukes (Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM Harlem, NYC) " Cool groove to make the ladies move. "
DJ Confusion (Saint FM UK, Sine FM 102.60, Doncaster, Power FM 98.40 Suffolk ) " Very well rounded package! The chuggy techy remix will get most plays from me, but the smoother remix and the orig are well worth having in the bag! "

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