D.O.D. (Dance Or Die) "1,2,3,4"


Original Another 1990's classic from Pro-Zak Trax that still rocks the dance-floors worldwide with the support of Dj's such as Armand Van Helden, Roger Sanchez, Fat Boy Slim, ... And so many others.
Spider & Legaz Remix Strikes back with a Spider & Legaz rmx following their oustanding rmx of "Felix Yo!". They bring us a progressive & pumping tech house version ready to burn the crowds out!
Cesar de Melero and Khazuma Future Remix Cesar de Melero (one of the two former composers of this track) worked with Khazuma Future (from Barcelona) to re-build a deep tech, mellow & sexy sunset mix. This version already takes part in the "Ibiza Global Radio summer 2008" compilation project!!!

DJs feedback

Norman for dj Hell (Gigolo Records)
" Hell will play it "
Kiki " yes, yes, yes, its THAT track again! the original mix was an anthem for me the 1st time around and i actually just dug it out to play again at the same time as you bring it out again! cesar de meleros new mix isnt bad, but it´s really all about the original "
Hernan Cattaneo " Carlos Legaz and Spider NuMix: very good! "
Dubfire " Good, play in clubs "
Tyrrell " Yes! Carlos Legaz and Spider NuMix of 1234 is trés cool "
Lee Mortimer (Moochin) " Very well rounded package! The chuggy techy remix will get most plays from me, but the smoother remix and the orig are well worth having in the bag! "
Stuart King " Been hammering the legaz and spider remix,top notch production and clever effects on vocals. The basslines booming aswell, great stuff "
Raul Blanco " Wow!! Great remix for one of my favourite oldschool tracks! Dope! Dope! Dope! "
Eric Entrena " Que dificil es remixar un Clasico.. y dejar el remix a la altura del Original!!! BUEEEEEEEEEN TRABAJOOOO!!!! FELICIDADES!!! "
Tony English (Push FM) " What a fu..ing mix!!!! Quality house music, am rockin this alllllll summer long! 10/10 "
Colin Peters (Manumission) " This imediately brings back memories of stumbling around in La Troya in 1999! A veritable classic with the original streets ahead of the mixes. I will enjoy playing this again "
Plastic Pippo (Sweat) " I’m loving every single track of this package!!! Especially the De Melero vs Khazuma Remix! Can’t wait to play these! 9/10 "
Timo Garcia (Berwick Street Records) " Fucking love the Legaz and Spider remix will drop this weekend for sure "
David Mills (Hot FM) " De Melero & the original are hitting the sweet spot. Great summer music. Will play on Friday "
Graham Gold (Kiss) " Like it! "

Vinyl distribution Topplers

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