Alëem "Felix Yo! Remix"


- Carlos Legaz & Spider Remix
- Chef Remix
- Original

DJs feedback

Freeform Five " felix yo remix is great "
Eric Entrena (Barcelona) " Un nuevo clásico!!! Seguro que lo pincharé!!! " (A new classic!!! For sure, I’ll mix it!!!)
Tomoki Tamura (Holic/Wonky) "I love original. Need to play this Now"
TG (Four Twenty) "Wow! great to hear this again! Nice to see Pro-Zak back also. Where's Kojak???? What they doing now? Anyway, loving Chef's remix the most. As well as the original of course!"
Stu Hirst "Spider & Legaz mix is okay"
Stel Alexander (Circus) "CHEF REMIX is the one for me jackin with soul and with a lovely dark twist. 8/10"
Plastic Pippo (Sweat) "Spider and Legaz Remix nice bassline, techy and very danceable. The right modern version of the original"
Marc Roberts "Still play the original of this. Like that Chef remix a lot though..."
Louis Osbourne "I actually think the original is the better of the mixes.... but I'll put that down to my age! The Spider & legaz mix is OK, and I may use. Not really into The Chef mix. A good package, and nice to hear the original again"
Circuit Freq "I liked the Chef remix best"
Chris Fortier "Feeling retro are we? Original mix sounding fun. The spider and legaz mix decent too"
Aldrin (Zouk) "Spider & Legaz does a great update. Funky and jacking with a touch of the original"
Flux (Radio Helsinki) "Superb Chef remix! Instant peaktime action!"
DaTraxer "Un retour de Pro-Zak qui s'annonce énorme ... Il était temps !!!"
Big A "great refresh"
David Amo & Julio Navas (Fresco Records) " Felix Yo! (Carlos Legaz & Spider Remix)...Super Groovy! Contad con nuestro apoyo. " (you can count with us)
Tim Andersen (What Happens DK/Azuli) " Hi mate. Just had a listen... Your remix is very cool!!! "
Simon & Shaker " Felix Yo! (Carlos Legaz & Spider Remix)... Remixazo!! " (dope remix)

Vinyl distribution Topplers

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